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Revisionist History – WET PAINT and Hot Lesbian Bandmates

No, no this isn’t about how the “Proggressive”  left is re-writing history to cover up their own fascist sins (obviously), Glenn Beck is that-a-way LOL–>.  No this is about how your mind revises your own personal history. About how easy it is to “fill in the blanks” when you don’t think the principals are watching.  But to be honest, with many of the people I hung around with in my past, I never thought we’d be here to have to worry about it. What am I talking about?   I am talking about one of the coolest events in my young life.

1987-My first real “gig”. Yes, it was a party and no it was not a paying gig (unless you include booze and drugs as your payment).  Now I won’t relate the story here,( it is buried on my website which I will leave you to go and find). No, what this is about is what happens when you realize that your recollection of twenty year old events may not survive impact with the memory of it other participants.  You swear you memory of the events is real and you are so sure of it but it turns out that you are just wrong or confused. 

I was talking with my older brother Alex, about people on Facebook he’s hooked up with and how he has found many folk from “the old days”. Now he and I did not share too many freinds but then he mentioned that “Inger” was on. Now Inger was this beautiful blonde who, many parties ago, was the lead singer in a band that we (my brother and I) started as an Art House party project @ WET PAINT house back in 1987. She had a BFF name Marrianne who played bass for us.   He (Alex) swore up and down that it was not her and they weren’t “the hot chix in the band”. So I looked her up in his FB friends list and she responded back confirming my version.  (BTW  HOO-Fuucking RAY for FB. I know it sounds Corny but I love finding my old peeps even if its just to say “hello”.  I HATE farmville and the rest of the crap there though.)

 But then I thought, “Hmm I was right about band but what about the specifics?”   As it turned out I was wrong about a lot so not wanting to turn this into some kind of horrible HBO shit-com gone wrong,  I did  a bit revising and made it a bit less salacious/sophomoric (IE removing the Hot Lesbian Bandmates reference),  before I gave her the URL.  Of course after some email exchanges I realized that aside from some facts like place names and such I really didn’t need to do that editing anyways as my perceptions about what I thought was real were good enough despite some inaccuracies. (It turns out everybody though they were lesbians when in fact, only the girl I was “crushing on” was and still is gay.)  So in the end I was worried about nothing really, though I don’t mind doing the editing as I think the cleanup help the writing a bit.  I will probably repost that story later on here since these blogging tools make it easier to do stuff like that and I’d like to give others who might have been there an opportunity share their memories.

Appeal for Photos

I am looking for picture of Rodolfo “UFO” Tejera’s old WET PAINT house on Edgewater Drive from Miami in the Mid to late 80s. that place was the scene of a lot of madness and was quite a fixture in those days, a far cry from the almost sterile and well moneyed Art Basel and stuff we now get.


Damn you Akai for putting out the APC 20. http://www.ableton.com/apc20  I had just convinced myself that I did not need the Novation Launchpad and I could do without another doo-hicky but then Akai you BASTARDS, release this little modular mini APC and now I’m drooling again.

Out with the Old or whats in a Name?

I recently received an email from Matt “Threv” Simpson,  he is a great DJ out of Atlanta @ WREK 91.1 FM. He has a show on Wed nights called, “The Mobius”.  He is also an accomplished laptop musician who uses Ableton Live.You can catch his stuff at http://www.threv.net . Who knew there would be 2 electronic music types with the same Odd name in the South East.  Now there is a little bit of background here but to make a long story short he found about me (this other Threv) and we were able to hook up and chat via email. Now for a longtime (Since the GEnie days) I have going  by the handle Threv and people asked where that came from.  I used to change stage names for my different projects as I have always been fond of “Alter-Egos” long before the Web came into vogue. So when I was with Bergasse 19 in the early nineties I decided to get a new stage name. This was the 3rd time or Revision of my Stage persona and the Geek in me said “3REV” hey thats “cyber punky”, works for me!   So my bandmates got used to using that name but after a night of hard partying the 3REV turned into THHRREV eventually. Which actually solved anopther problem.   At the time the new public online services like GEnie and AOL did not allow numbers in the email/ login name. I like 3REV so much I wanted keep it (personal branding you know), but I couldn’t so I settled for the next best thing… Drunken 3REV =threv= Good Email Addy!

Well Matt started using Threv (short for The Reverend)  awhile back as well. So what to do? There is the temptation to get all indignant and be a dickhead but TBH what purpose would that serve? Its not like I’m “Somebody” and this guys has his own show so arguing over it would be silly. Besides it not like millions in Trademark are at stake.  Anyway back to the orignal story, Matt and I had a great series of mail exchanges and he really digs my music. I told him that I’ve already switched back to using my original 3REV nick name and as soon as my DNS Registration is up he can have threv.com (though I’m keeping Threvworld.com as I have a lot of old stuff that is linked to that.)     As a super cool gesture he played 6 of my songs on his radio program last Wednesday. Thanks very much Matt!   Hopefully we can hook up one of these days and crank out some furious beats.