Giorgio Moroder and edm

OK this guy practically invented edm (small letters intentional).  His dance tunes will probably be around, sampled and remixed long after people have forgotten what a Deadmause is. Not a knock on DM, just a fact of the velocity of culture. (I just made that up, I think) He’s had the luxury of time and pre-internet society to help cement his legendary status while the internet and “Velocity of Culture” serve to create and forget today’s stars in the blink of a news/fashion cycle. (edm is here to stay EDM -not so much methinks)

Getting Ready for WMC 2014 Gigs

First off I have to say if you missed my Gig on the 21st, but want to see me live again – I will be back at the Chesterfield for the Sunday Cypher WMC Closing Party on Mar 30 Time TBA, so watch my posts on Twitter Etc.
Also shout outs to my Miami’s Vice City Rollers  who beat the Molly’s Marauders 166-137 Last Sat down at “The Roll Cage” in South Miami

It has been a great, if busy week here in the 3-0-5. Winter Music Conference started last Friday and I helped start the festivities at the WMC 2014 Invasion Miami Media Kickoff Party at the Chesterfield Hotel on Collins. SoBe was hopping on Friday, as the first of “Many Parties” fired up and gets everyone lathered up for EDM PLUR Madness that is the ULTRA music Festival Coming up this Weekend (Mar 29).

I had fantastic Set that was book-ended by my buddy Kenichi OHME wailing on the Korg Electribe before I came on and Activated some Retinas and Ears with my Videos and sounds, inclusing a new tune that Made on that Microsoft Surface Remix I won in in Microsofts Video Contest last year.  Then WEHO performed some of her songs as well as that great local EDM Duo of CHRON who did short but Bone-shakin set. Plenty of other acts came on later Like the Nubian Goddess Annish-kah! but I was well into my drinks by that time (Thanks Chris- for the drink Hook-up) and then some Joe’s Stone Crabs with my sweetie.

Blurry Selfi with OHME and CHRON

This week has been a whirlwind of Activity for me as I fashioned a new 4 Mirror Laser Projector and rebuilt / Iterated on the design for my mobile VJ Projector Setup. The new design is More minimalist in some respects and much more portable (yay handles). The new laser projector should be able to to my favorite “Time Vortex” Effect as well as the regular Spirograph style stuff. Oh did I mention I have another 30 minutes of music and Video to mix for the Sunday gig? Man I’m going to need a long nap after this.   VJ Projections at the Chesterfield4 mirror Laser

Emilie Autumn Concert @ in Orlando Oct 17th 2009

BTW  originally In this post I was going to use the EA concert a basis for commenting on what Electronic Artists have to do  to keep the audience engaged, and the “Ethics” of charging Fans for personal meet and greets (I don’t have a problem with it BTW). But it turned into a Concert review. So sue me I love EA mmkaay?

I went to the Emilie Autumn concert on Saturday Oct 17th in Orlando and I must say it was a GREAT show.  While I normally have a very dim view of  Track Dates, (shows where a singer performs to a backing track or in the case of Britney et al. Lip synchs YUCK!)  This show was an exception. Why?  Well this was NOT your typical “sing the pop songs and bail”.  Emilie is a one woman act, She writes, creates, and performs all her own work. From choosing/designing the sounds to rosin-ing up the bow of her Violins, Emilie is “The Real Deal”.  Electronic music is difficult to do live while keeping the audience interested (as guy who stands behind a laptop and synths for gigs I really understand).  So She has her backup “dancers” the  “Bloody Crumpets”,  Naughty Veronica (a Kissing Bandit) , Aprella (Sniper), Captain Maggot (Pirate), and the Bloody Contessa (Cannibal), inhabiting the “Asylum” onstage with her. However to call them “Backup Dancers” is really a disservice to them as they are more than mere dancers. They are an integral part of the show which is more like a Broadway Musical, in the vein of Sweeny Todd, or a demented Vaudeville/burlesque show.  From Captain’s  Spinning Hoop act to Contessa’s Cirque du Soleil style aerialist shenanigans the show was more like a three-ring circus. In many ways it reminded me of a Butthole Surfers concert but with out the Porno movies. However there is A LOT of Girl kissing, Girl-piles, as well as poisoned Tea parties, Baked goods for the audience, simulated torture and fake blood but its not Grand Guignol like GWAR or Skinny Puppy. It’s dare I say it?  Tastefully done.

 As for performance of the music, yes she sings (and screeches and growls and coos) to a backing track for many of the songs, (“Dead is the New Alive” woud be the bees knees with a full band) but Emilie does have a Yamaha controller keyboard onstage she uses for her harpsichord parts thats she blazes on (The Tempo of song “Shallot” live is twice as fast as the album and you can tell she is really playing). But Emilie really shines when she whips out her fiddle and starts shredding on “Liar”, “Unlaced”, “Face the Wall” and her amazing cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody” (OMG)  All the Crumpets are doing all sorts of things on stage involving stilts, ribbons,hoops, knives, meat cleavers and shotguns. Look you just have to see it OK?

Now the crowd was interesting too, it was an all ages show with lots of young EA fans (man I felt old and out-of-place).While in line I spoke with a mom in line with her daughter and we laughed at how we were when we were “that age” all dressed up in our finest regalia ready to go see our favorite artists (Cure, Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, Cocteau Twins etc).   Some of the parental units looked like they walked  straight out of Central Casting for “Plump Midwestern Soccer Moms with Sensible Shoes”.  They were standing next to their Raven or Scarlet-haired daughters in full Goth-loli kit and just hanging out (While the kids did their best to pretend they were not there). Then there were a few old guys like me, not sure if they were there for Emilie or to glom onto young hipsters but whatevah. I’m sure I looked like a Chester. I know, I know.. I have the leering Molester look in my Photo-op with Emilie. But in my defence I had already downed 4 Captain Morgan and Cokes  so getting into the spirit was easy (Fun not Molester mmkaay?).  TBH I don’t know what those parents thought of the show or the music but I will tell you this:   When Emilie started singing “Bohemian Rhapsody”   I looked around and everybody and I mean EVERYBODY, from the Bar-Backs to the “Plump Midwestern Moms in Sensible Shoes” were singing along every word, bellowing out “BISMILLAH” with such gusto, it was as if we were all in some kind of Rock and Roll seance attempting to channel the spirit of Freddie Mercury himself. All the while Emilie was singing and prancing onstage and Tearing up the Brian May guitar solos on her Violin like a Corsetted, Mad Woman on Speed.    There really was only one word to describe it.


Post Show:

I had paid for a VIP meet and greet @ end of show With Emilie who met us with all the graciousness and theatrical aplomb of a “Great Lady of the Theatre”, she really does know how to give good fanservice (I just learned that term).  I couldn’t help but be amused that here I was in Orlando waiting to see the “Princess” much like my daughters wait at Disney world when we take them. But it was really neat, the reading about leeches and the acoustic set and sing along, (and you really MUST sing along with her you wouldn’t want to break her heart). The Photo and Autograph signing part was well organized & Emilie was awesome and really knows how to relate to her “muffins” (fans) young or old. Hey look, she gave me kiss and called me a handsome man, now I’m all grown up and I know  its just fanservice but man was my heart racing, I really could have walked on clouds.  I felt real lucky to have scored the VIP tix.  But it got even better! As a cool bonus I got to have a nice chat with Inkydust (Emilie Autumn’s engineer), earlier at the sound booth. Now how cool is that? I mean meeting and chatting with the guy that helped put together one your favorite Albums! For a Techie thats a definite highlight. (Emilie and Inky=OMGWTFBBQWINSAUCE!) I learned that Inky had switched to Reaper from CuBase for the new material. I was kind of surprised since I know Emilie is huge Mac fan with CuBase and changing up your DAW (Digital Audio Worksation) is a big deal. We also discussed the “Holy wars” (Mac vs PC vs Apple) and how silly it can get and other Music geek stuff.  When Inky mentioned that the Switched over to Reaper for the new material my Drunken Ears perked up! “New Material?” as in New Album?? did he just let me in on something?  I did not press him though, he might have talking about the post Opheliac EP’s so don’t get your hopes up on my say so.

Later after the show and meet & greet, while waiting for my friends to show up @ another club I see Inky walking down the street past me and we have another quick chat, I offer to buy him a beer and he lets me know he’s going to eat across the street after he fetches a mate and to meet him there. Schweeet!  Well it would have been, I guess I’ll have to find out another time. Unfortunately I could not get a hold of my friends to tell them I would meet them later (I was staying with them at their house and they were my ride home) who showed up right about the same time as I needed to be in the restaurant and I wasn’t about to ditch them abruptly because thats just rude. Of course they would have understood (they know me) but also I didn’t want to appear like some Crazed Stalker Fan so I missed my chance. Hey Inky I owe you drink next time your in SoFla!