Scam Alert

I have been getting some calls this week from someone who is attempting to contact me with regard to possible legal action. The caller had a heavy Indian/ SW Asian accent and the wording on the script was very stilted. I did some research (first thing is look up the phone number) and found someone who was able to decipher most of it.   It looks like they go to great pains to NOT identify themselves. I can assume that by keeping it murky they can avoid someone calling that agency and checking. I also think that the wording is vague so that in the event they are caught they might be able to avoid charges of impersonating a Federal Agent (which may carry stiffer penalties than mere fraud). That said, I think that this scam could be very effective against the elderly and the naïve  as the wording is very menacing and they are persistent.   (See below)  but rest assured this is a total scam. … -Telephone-Scam

“Hi, this message is intended to contact you. my name is (Insert bogus name) and I am calling regarding affirmative (?) actions executed by US Treasury intending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intention second attempt to award initial appearance before a Magistrate judge or a grand jury for a Federal Criminal offense. My number is 760-298-7641. I would love you to cooperate with us to help us to help you”

Here is a partial recording of the actual call.  (FYI I never answer my phone unless I know who it is and if you are calling my landline (yes I still have one) then it’s a good bet you are scammer/telemarketer/survey company. 😉

Now a while back I used to frequent a site called 419 Eater and these guys specialize in scambaiting. (Usually of the variety of Nigerian Prince/Lawyer/Govt official who has money trapped in in an account and needs YOU to help them get it out).  So the temptation to call these guys back to try to scambait them is huge. But I am kinda lazy nowadays and scambaiting takes awhile to really get going. I have participated in few (It’s fun!) but the scammers got wise to me so I was never able to get any Trophies. I also understand that these particular scammers are very persistent on getting payment RIGHT THEN AND THERE and will just hang up if they think you are pulling their leg.  Anyways beware and always check and verify.  If it sounds fishy it probably is.  Use Bing or Google to look up the Phone numbers and if you can get the wording right search on that.  NEVER EVER give them you personal information or bank account or pay them!


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