Does eveybody post a BS post?

as the first post? Or do they just launch right into whatever screed they have tooling about in their brain? Anyways I will see how long blogging holds my attention, or whether I keep it on this site of move it to my real website @   I also have a blog on but Microsoft is so passe and tbh the firewall @ my work keeps me form posting on it properly so WordPress it is!  On this site I hope to pontificate/spout off at the mouth on subjects that are mostly music related but will also cover art, politics, religion and fatherhood. (like a million other blogs out there). But you WILL like what I write because I’m just that pompous.  BTW you can follow me on twitter @3rev  and check out my music on Soundcloud  or myspace (rarely used  Of ocurse I will be redundant and post these on the links section. But for now I have to get back to work.. stay tuned!