Miami Slackers Guide to Voting – Wake up and Vote! TODAY!

I woke up early and went to my new polling place. It is at the elementary school across the street from my old polling place, which is usually very crowded. A light rain began to drizzle as I parked my car and tried to remember which voting block is least likely to come out in the rain during a midterm which also happens to include the Governor’s Race and Amendment 2  “Legalizing Medical Marijuana”!  The obvious blocks will sleep in cause of the rain but hopefully they will motivate.

So anyways Get out and VOTE there are some huge Ballot Bills  Here is my quick and dirty guide to the ballot and my opinions on what you might want to check.

Candidate’s for Congress.- 
Real Simple if you are an R you vote R if you are a D Vote D If you still aren’t sure then vote for the Democrat-  (OK Debbie Wasserman Shulze is useless and a vote for NPA is Gimme to the Repubs but my Opinion I don’t want the Republicans and especially the Partiers  with bigger Majority in Congress – We need people being able to compromise and see the bigger picture and that ain’t this batch of Republicans. (Full Disclosure I’m an Ex R now No Party Affiliation )

In my District it’s between Curbelo and Garcia–   While I don’t have problem against Curbleo who was a nondescript member of the Dade County School Board (nothing noteworthy), his campaign intros him as a man of God. All that God talk scares the Fuck out me when it comes out of candidates mouths as an active selling point.  No don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem on whether you believe in old man Sky God – but if you are of the type that I will call “Young Earthers” you have ZERO business legislating on how people should live because you clearly do not have a grip on objective reality.  I am not implying Curbelo is a  Fundy Crackpot but I’m not taking any chances.  On the Democrat side  Joe Garcia,  he was marginally better than the crook who ran against him last cycle so good that he won. But notice his ads (and Record) don’t really point to being an effective legislator, or any worthwhile accomplishments maybe that’s a good thing. I will hold my nose and for him- though I’m really voting  against Curbelo and Republican Majority- not For Garcia.

Judges –
Look unless one of the Judges has been in the news for letting child molesters out early or you have a personal beef with the Judge  then Bubble in Retain and move on with your Vote.  other Judges  Vote the Girl or the Jew That’s what I do. You are on your on with the rest. (I should pay more attention but the herald never talks about the judges in the Sunday Paper)

Governor :
Vote Charlie Christ – He can’t do any worse and he loves the camera too much to hide anything.
As for the Crypt keeper –
CRYPT-KEEPER Rick – (Mr Pled the 5th, can’t ID his own Sig, What’s the question, Secret meetings with Big Sugar at Kind Diamond Ranch, lets gut the Education budget only to restore just in time for election to say that he’s “For the Kids”) Scott. Look if you want to believe the fairytale that his policies created a paltry 650,000 jobs in FOUR YEARS then I have bridge to sell you. Heck the state could have picked up 650k jobs with ME and my dog sitting as Governor. Also his energy and environmental policy is mess for Florida.  You want to know why we don’t have Roof Top Solar Credits while FPL picks up huge tax breaks for Wind-farms to power Google Datacenters in the Midwest? Blame Scott and the R Legislature.

tl;dr version
NO on 3
YES on everything else.

The Rundown

Amendment 1 YES
Water and Land Conservation – Dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands– Because the ability to buy and restore land so we have clean rivers, lakes, water supplies and beaches is  good thing for people who live on a swamp peninsula surrounded by Salt Water. We need more protected lands (like the Pine Rocklands near my house that going to be bulldozed to make way for a Chick Fil-A and Walmart)  So yes on this means few Strip malls and more beaches and wildlife areas.

Water and Land Conservation – Dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands

Amendment 2  YES  Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions

If you have a shred of compassion for your fellow man then this should be yes. Don’t believe the Bullshit about nnot being able to regulate who can and can’t be a caregiver. . that is a smokescreen the can be easily remedied via statute and operational Regualtions just like we did with Pill Mills and other Medical Services. Medical Pot will be a boon to that segment of our most needy (elderly, Cancer patients, Etc) and will act tin increase medical tourism. This is boon that we cna’t afford to ignore. Some people are worried that it will lead to legalized Recreational use. That is a fight for another day. And Frankly if your experiment for Medical Pot does not go well neither will any othetr kind of looseing up.
This is good medicine and we should take it.

Amendment 3  NO  Prospective Appointment of Certain Judicial Vacancies

Currently, the Governor may not fill an expected vacancy until the current justice’s or judge’s term expires. Nothing Wrong with this.  If you are not the Governor than you should NOT be able to make picks for when you are not in office
Lets not Fuck with this, When your time is over, it’s over Deal with it.
This allows the Outgoing Governor to fill near future Potential Vacancies on  Our Courts Like our STATE SUPREME COURT.

This is a Republican backup plan to Stack the court with Conservative judges in case Scott gets booted out. This is one of those  Short sited plans- that has a Current long tern benefit. But they will regret in the fute when the the tables turn as they eventually do.

Miami Dade County Questions .

Charter Amendment to Article 7 to Allow Libraries in Parks    YES   Come on people No Brainer

I like Libraries- I like Parks Why NOT Allow them to use the same land Feed the body AND Mind.
Charter Amendment Exempting Miami-Dade Regional Soccer Park from Article 7   NO

OK  This one I don’t know about but it Sounds like a Land grab by a Private entity to do something with Soccer park. Since I don’t know who this Benefits and who hurts- I’m going to say  no to allowing some unidentified third party to use the park for something else and lake money off it.
Charter Amendment on Protecting Preservation Lands and Allowing Campgrounds and Lodges/Cabins in Camp Matecumbe  YES
Tightens Environmental restrictions on Some parks and Allows Camping facilities at the now overgrown  Old “Boystown” Penal Colony, Reform School, Troubled youth facility).   Yes, we need more campgrounds (especially if we are getting tighter with Preservation)

Charter Amendment Exempting from Article 7 Florida International University’s Expansion onto Youth Fair Site

FIU wants to expand it’s footprint and include a full medical campus.   The Youth fair could use new home.   FIU can’t move in till the Youth Fair Moves out. Taxpayers aren’t paying for Either. (FIU will foot the relocation costs)   Granting this exemption allows FIU to move in.  FIU is a great public Florida State school and Bigger Campus and more educational opportunities are huge plus and the Youth fair grounds  are a little moldy and long in the tooth.


Scam Alert

I have been getting some calls this week from someone who is attempting to contact me with regard to possible legal action. The caller had a heavy Indian/ SW Asian accent and the wording on the script was very stilted. I did some research (first thing is look up the phone number) and found someone who was able to decipher most of it.   It looks like they go to great pains to NOT identify themselves. I can assume that by keeping it murky they can avoid someone calling that agency and checking. I also think that the wording is vague so that in the event they are caught they might be able to avoid charges of impersonating a Federal Agent (which may carry stiffer penalties than mere fraud). That said, I think that this scam could be very effective against the elderly and the naïve  as the wording is very menacing and they are persistent.   (See below)  but rest assured this is a total scam. … -Telephone-Scam

“Hi, this message is intended to contact you. my name is (Insert bogus name) and I am calling regarding affirmative (?) actions executed by US Treasury intending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intention second attempt to award initial appearance before a Magistrate judge or a grand jury for a Federal Criminal offense. My number is 760-298-7641. I would love you to cooperate with us to help us to help you”

Here is a partial recording of the actual call.  (FYI I never answer my phone unless I know who it is and if you are calling my landline (yes I still have one) then it’s a good bet you are scammer/telemarketer/survey company. 😉

Now a while back I used to frequent a site called 419 Eater and these guys specialize in scambaiting. (Usually of the variety of Nigerian Prince/Lawyer/Govt official who has money trapped in in an account and needs YOU to help them get it out).  So the temptation to call these guys back to try to scambait them is huge. But I am kinda lazy nowadays and scambaiting takes awhile to really get going. I have participated in few (It’s fun!) but the scammers got wise to me so I was never able to get any Trophies. I also understand that these particular scammers are very persistent on getting payment RIGHT THEN AND THERE and will just hang up if they think you are pulling their leg.  Anyways beware and always check and verify.  If it sounds fishy it probably is.  Use Bing or Google to look up the Phone numbers and if you can get the wording right search on that.  NEVER EVER give them you personal information or bank account or pay them!


Plato’s 808

(This is not a review of the TR-8 there’s plenty of those go Bing/Google it if that’s what you want.)
The TR-8, that is Roland’s latest drum machine and probably one of their best in recent memory. I love mine and have been playing with it almost every day. OK well not every day but a lot. (Still not as much as I think I should be but that’s fodder for another post). The title of this post though hearkens back to your old Philosophy class and Plato’s “Forms”   (quick abstract from Wikipedia “asserts that non-material abstract (but substantial) forms (or ideas), and not the material world of change known to us through sensation, possess the highest and most fundamental kind of reality”)

In plain English, it means that if you hold a cube in your hand it’s not a “real” cube,  it is merely a representation of the “True” cube which exists in a perfect higher reality.   So Mr. Philosophy 101, what the fuck does that have to do with a cool Drum machine? Well it’s all about comments and reviews of the machine where a lot of folks Pooh-pooh the sound saying things like OMG Digital bad, analog good, It’s close but not the real thing hurr hurr. Man what a bunch of whiney babies. All these choads (Usually it seems, the same types that buy “oxygen free” speaker cables.) laughing puppets want an Honest to God analog 808 Drum machine and conveniently forget about the limitations of the original (yo 16 steps is all you got). Then they go on and on and on about “the Sound” and how ACB still doesn’t capture the nuance.  This may or may not be true, I did not own the 808, I had 606 but I played with quite a few back in the day, so I have more than a passing familiarity.  But I don’t think it really matters, in light that if you ever pick up an music tech magazine you will never find a drum sound  regardless where it came from that has not been layered, compressed and processed to the point where it doesn’t matter if it’s the real thing (that almost no- one has or a sample).  Now consider that due to the nature of analog components no two  808’s sound the same, and more than a few folks have heavily modded their to get more bass, decay etc. So now it’s gotten to point that the 808 has been elevated to the realm of Plato’s forms. There is an ideal 808 out there, but YOU  can never have it.  But I’ll tell you what, the TR-8 more than fills the bill , and for 499 retail I’m sure it will become  a new classic.


Giorgio Moroder and edm

OK this guy practically invented edm (small letters intentional).  His dance tunes will probably be around, sampled and remixed long after people have forgotten what a Deadmause is. Not a knock on DM, just a fact of the velocity of culture. (I just made that up, I think) He’s had the luxury of time and pre-internet society to help cement his legendary status while the internet and “Velocity of Culture” serve to create and forget today’s stars in the blink of a news/fashion cycle. (edm is here to stay EDM -not so much methinks)

The Precience of Cortana and Jack the Ripper

Ok Windows Phone,  Cortana either she has some serious ESP/prediction algorithms going on or coincidence is creepy. Last night, Sophia and I were watching Tuesday night’s episode of ABC’s “Forever” when the Teaser for next weeks episode came on. I said out loud “Oh it looks like they are doing a “Jack the Ripper” episode. My teenage daughter asks me “Who is Jack the Ripper?”  I explained that he was an infamous serial killer in London in the 1800’s who was never caught. She then asked “How many people did he kill?” I said “I don’t know let me check.” I whipped out my trusty Lumia 625 and started to type. How many victims..
Cortana finished the question with ” of Jack the Ripper were there?, then second choice of How many people did Jack the Ripper Kill”

Creepy OK? I mean of all the ways to finish that question:
How many victims of…
John Wayne Gacy
Ted Bundy
Domestic Violence
9/11, Etc Etc pick a tragedy with victims
but Cortana (Bing) knew EXACTLY what I was asking before I even finished typing it.
Bing Search
Is that REALLY the most popular question on Bing?  (and the timing is mere coincidence?)
How did Bing’s Search algorithm pick that question at that time? I wasn’t watching the Show at it’s normal time slot (with the implication that I if we were, then other people were watching at the same time and asked the same question so Bing picked the most common Question being asked) and I wasn’t watching on Xbox (assume some data sharing and inference like above.) I tested Google and got a different query completion, I also typed it in to BING on the Desktop and got the same result, but since I had already asked the question on Bing and it knows what I asked for (because I’m logged in) I’m not surprised that I got the same result.


Still here and Still Kicking, it’s been a quiet summer on the musical front, I got some new toys (Roland I love you) and have been learning them and seeing how to incorporate them in the my new set. And when will you be able to hear this new set? Well, it looks like there may be an opportunity to play during Art Basel week, details are still up in the air but I’m totally looking forward to it. In the mean time you can hear some of what I’ve been working on my Soundcloud page, SubTr8s Essence is what you want to look for.
See you soon!

Here’s some gear Pron, I’ve actually redone my “Studio” yet again, still looking for the “flow”

WP_20140906_16_59_55_Pro WP_20140719_003

Getting Ready for WMC 2014 Gigs

First off I have to say if you missed my Gig on the 21st, but want to see me live again – I will be back at the Chesterfield for the Sunday Cypher WMC Closing Party on Mar 30 Time TBA, so watch my posts on Twitter Etc.
Also shout outs to my Miami’s Vice City Rollers  who beat the Molly’s Marauders 166-137 Last Sat down at “The Roll Cage” in South Miami

It has been a great, if busy week here in the 3-0-5. Winter Music Conference started last Friday and I helped start the festivities at the WMC 2014 Invasion Miami Media Kickoff Party at the Chesterfield Hotel on Collins. SoBe was hopping on Friday, as the first of “Many Parties” fired up and gets everyone lathered up for EDM PLUR Madness that is the ULTRA music Festival Coming up this Weekend (Mar 29).

I had fantastic Set that was book-ended by my buddy Kenichi OHME wailing on the Korg Electribe before I came on and Activated some Retinas and Ears with my Videos and sounds, inclusing a new tune that Made on that Microsoft Surface Remix I won in in Microsofts Video Contest last year.  Then WEHO performed some of her songs as well as that great local EDM Duo of CHRON who did short but Bone-shakin set. Plenty of other acts came on later Like the Nubian Goddess Annish-kah! but I was well into my drinks by that time (Thanks Chris- for the drink Hook-up) and then some Joe’s Stone Crabs with my sweetie.

Blurry Selfi with OHME and CHRON

This week has been a whirlwind of Activity for me as I fashioned a new 4 Mirror Laser Projector and rebuilt / Iterated on the design for my mobile VJ Projector Setup. The new design is More minimalist in some respects and much more portable (yay handles). The new laser projector should be able to to my favorite “Time Vortex” Effect as well as the regular Spirograph style stuff. Oh did I mention I have another 30 minutes of music and Video to mix for the Sunday gig? Man I’m going to need a long nap after this.   VJ Projections at the Chesterfield4 mirror Laser